Thailand will reopen for foreigners without state quarantine in Nov 2021.

Thailand will reopen for foreigners to come without quarantine in Nov 2021.

According to today’s(Monday 11th October 2021) announcement from Thailand’s Prime Minister, the country is setting its goal to reopen for foreign tourists from limited countries to come into Thailand without having to do State Quarantine.

Travelers from Low-risk countries don’t have to do state quarantines. 

The plan is to open the border for foreigners travelling by Air from Low-risk countries that are fully vaccinated to fly into Thailand without having to do state quarantine anymore.

The rule is that all travelers that is eligible to come into Thailand must be able to prove that they are fully vaccinated and not infected by Covid-19 

Thailand Low-risk countries list. 

Despite the fact that official name list of Low-risk countries that travelers will be allowed to fly into Thailand without state quarantine hasn’t been announced yet, but Thai PM revealed some countries that will be benefit from this plan which are

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Singapore
  3. Germany
  4. China 
  5. United States of America (USA)

The plan is to have travelers from at least 10 countries that are considered as low-risk but we still need to wait for an announcement for the official low-risk countries list later on.

Travellers from other countries are also welcome.

For those who come from countries that are not on the low-risk countries list are welcome as well ,but they still have to do state quarantine as the same.

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Thailand Plan to Fully open in December 2021.   

Thailand’s prime minister also said that the government will allow restaurants to sell alcohol in December 2021 in order to bring back and promote tourism and the entertainment sector.