ASQ hotels in Bangkok.

Top 20 Best ASQ Hotels to stay in Bangkok Thailand(Cheapest to Highest price).

ASQ stands for “Alternative State Quarantine”. This is the process of Thai Government that requires Non-Thai travelers that need to come into Thailand during this pandemic to stay in hotels that are approved by Thai Ministry of public health to be ASQ hotels, with the mandatory period of 14 days. During your stay there will be 2 COVID tests which usually occur on the 5th and 13th date of your stay.  All of the expenses will be paid by travelers themselves.

How Much is state quarantine in Bangkok?

There are 122 approved ASQ hotels in Bangkok, with the price range varying from $890 to $10,000 depending on which hotel you would like to stay and which package you choose. Some hotels are offering family package.

Where can I quarantine in Bangkok

You can go through the list of 122 ASQ hotels and pick the one you like but this task might not be easy and it is definitely time consuming. So, if you still don’t know where you can quarantine in Bangkok, we’ve gathered the top 20 Best  ASQ hotels in Bangkok for you here.( starting from the cheapest option.)

Looking for hotels to stay quarantine with kids and family? please visit below link!

>>>ASQ Hotels in Bangkok that offer family packages.

Can I book the ASQ room for more than 1 person?

Yes you can, but you may need to provide some additional documents to Thai authorities such as.

  1. Marriage certificate. or
  2. Birth certificate or Adoption certificate.(for 15 years old or younger.)

Please contact your accommodation partner for more detail regarding the require documents, and you need to make a booking at least 10 days prior to your check-in date to give your accommodation partner enough time to process and review your required documents.

If you want to do Quarantine in Phuket, you have to come with the flight that arrive Thailand vis Phuket international airport, then you will be eligible to do Alternative Local Quarantine(ALQ) in Phuket.

>>20 ALQ/ALSQ Hotels in Phuket.

Top 20 Best ASQ Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sorting by price (Start from the Cheapest)

Graceland Bangkok by Grace Hotel (THB 2379/ USD 80)

Metropole Bangkok (THB 2430/ USD81)

Royal president Hotel (THB 2436/ USD 82)

SC Park Hotel (THB 2493/ USD 83)

Solitaire Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 (THB 2549/USD 85)

6.Siam Mandarin hotel (THB 2549/USD 85)

7.Eleven Hotel Bangkok (THB 2549/ USD 85)

8.Rembrandt Hotel & Suites (THB 2652/ USD 88)

9.Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok (THB 2747,USD 91)

10.Arte Hotel (THB 2778/ USD92)

11.56 Surawong Hotel (THB 2833/USD 94)

12.The Sukosol (THB 2974/ USD 99)

13.Golden Tulip sovereign Hotel Bangkok (THB 3115/ USD 103)

14.BelAire Bangkok Sukhumvit (THB 3116/ USD 103)

15.Maduzi Hotel (THB 3393/ USD 113)

16.Grande Centre Point Hotel Ratchadamri (THB 3512/ USD 117)

17.Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Bangkok (THB 3682/ USD 122)

18.Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21 (THB 3739/ USD 124)

19.Aspira Hana Residence Thonglor (THB 4248/ USD 141)

20.Anantara Siam Bangkok (THB 4531/ USD 151)

21.Avanti Atrium Bangkok Hotel (THB 5381/ USD 179)

If you would like to make a reservation for any of these best 20 ASQ hotels in Bangkok, you can directly book via Agoda website, which is the authorized online platform booking for ASQ in Thailand.

What will be included in the Thailand ASQ packages?

ASQ packages in Thailand normally include the following services.
1).Accommodation for 15 nights
2).3 meals per day.
3).Free WIFI internet.
4).Private Transfer from Airport(either Donmuang or Suvarnabhumi airport) 
5).2 Covid tests during your stay(test usually take place on the 5th and 13th day)
6).Temperature check 2 times per day.

How to book an ASQ in Thailand?

If you want to reserve your hotel room and their ASQ package, below are the things you need to do.
1. Check with your local Thai embassy if there are any conditions or travel restrictions apply to your departing country.
2.Pick your date of entry into Thailand and flight information.
3.Choose ASQ Hotel and make reservation via Authorized online booking platform.(Agoda is an authorized platform in Thailand)
4.Your ASQ Hotel will inform related authorities and will pick you up at the airport according to your arrival date and time.

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